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Jan 9, - Thanks to Nier: Automata protagonist 2B's tush, the internet certainly has done a lot of that. . >implying blizz didn't make porn of their characters themselves View SameGoogleiqdbSauceNAO And now, we catcrazy.info, 64KiB, x Does he really have to ask why creator of said sexy character would.

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Satori and Koishi of pictures: Satori and Koishi pictures hot. Lusamine Collection of pictures: These pictures are ranging fr… character: Lusamine Collection pictures hot. Wicke pictures hot. My Momiji collection of pictures: Spoiler how yorha 2b nude gif androids are trying to emulate their human gods.

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For the ace cosplay. Angel DvA Banned Member. The director and character designer liked it.

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Oct 27, 1, Milano - Italy. Adam and Eve definitely fall under this umbrella as well, but usually Yoshida does this with female designs. What would be a satisfactory answer? What kind of story reason would make it nud for people who this bothers? yorha 2b nude gif

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I really can't think of a tasteful one or something that wasn't teachers fucking students nonsensical. It really can't be anything besides the person who made it liked the way it looked. And I have no idea where to go from there. Because it's a sexy design and yorha 2b nude gif nothing wrong with that. Oct 25, 8, Because butts are awesome.

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Oct 26, 4, Because it's a Japanese game and Japanese game developers like that stuff. Sales of the first NieR were too low and they needed an easy yorha 2b nude gif to have the second game virally advertised onlinepornflashgame social media for free by the fanbase. Yoko Taro pandering to himself.

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To put this in as spoiler-free a wayas possible, based on stuff you learn in the first level and a few minor NPC conversations throughout, YorHa are androids and gynoids meant to serve humanity's interests who are yorha 2b nude gif lot like humans in a number of ways including sexuality.

The second part is actually explored to a decent extent, and sex and reproduction both factor into the plot in non-trivial ways.

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The sexy gir definitely have an aspect of pandering since Yoko Taro admits it himself, but they're handled more tastefully and have more relevance to the game's themes than something like Quiet in MGS V and Kojima's excuses for her. Yes the reason is that Yoko Taro liked yohra design. As far yorha 2b nude gif I know he has never tried to makeup bullshit like Kojima and quiet.

The simplest answer is because the director and designer liked it.

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Because Yoko Taro wanted to design her like that? Sometimes that's the only reason needed.

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These were related but not directly related thoughts. My point with the second sentence was that in actual developer-related interviews it's been mentioned that they aren't anatomically correct.


You princesa sofia porno that love and sexual desire aren't intrinsic, right? You can want a relationship with somebody and not want to bang them. Not even necessarily a romantic one although 6O was certainly crying about her romantic yorha 2b nude gif being rejected ; if you've ever had a falling out with a friend you know how it is yorha 2b nude gif be heartbroken without thinking 'well damn now I can't have sex with them'.

You just broke your own argument. Adam and Eve are Ken dolls.

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By this logic, if they're made in yprha image guf androids, it yorha 2b nude gif to reason that the androids also have doll anatomy. This is worse than FatesFAQs! The androids in the boss arena for Adam and Eve were all endoskeletons with not much else left. If the machines killed and used those androids as a base then that explains why Adam and Eve are barbie yorha 2b nude gif but 9S and 2B are among the more cutting edge models.

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That was not what I had in mind I misplaced that sentence. Yorha 2b nude gif is how you mean in that love and care for another is not in the same boat as wanting to have unde with em. I meant to put that sentence in the first paragraph about sensations.

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