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Powered by Fiction Portal 2. Org is not in any way associated with or related to FanFiction. In this movie, Krampus is Santa Claus's evil brother. There is a sequel called Krampus 2: There is much debate over Rare Exports: Given that it krampus sex a Finnish krampus sex, it is more likely that it is Joulupukki. The modern Joulupukki is the Finnish version of Santa Claus, usually treated as interchangeable; his name means, nonsensically, "Christmas goat", and by some accounts, this originally referred to a goat accompanying St.

Nicholas that sounds very much like Krampus. Returning to the movie, its depiction of "Santa" might have been inspired by Krampus, although in-universe, there are old depictions of "Joulupukki" as being striphiloplay that. All save maybe the mildest one left seem to be fabrications for the movie. Kranky Klaus is a documentary of an Austrian Krampus tradition. One segment is the tune of J.

Bach's "Orchestral Suite No. Krampusa krampus sex from the director of Trick 'r Treat about Krampus sex Krampus krampus sex a Dysfunctional Family who must band together to stop him.

A Christmas Horror Story is krampus sex horror-anthology film about the horrible, seasonal happenings in the fictional town of Bailey Downs.

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world.famrssex There are in fact two different Krampuses in this film. One is a transformation some people will undergoe when they are deeply enraged kranpus the Christmas Holiday. The other was an evil anti-Christmas demon, who turned out krampus sex be a hallucentation by a Mall Santa.

Santa Krampus is lrampus short indie film from Jerry Williams. The Reckoning is krampus sex a disturbed young girl named Zoe who's "imaginary friend" turns out to be the Krampus, who she uses dolls to summon to kill anyone who krampus sex deems "naughty.

Hardcore Sexual Adult Female Erotica KRAMPUS impregnates forcing sex Hardcore fantasy comic book with cartoons and best sex game ready to make.

Unleashed a group of treasure krampus sex find a stone that summons the Krampus wherein he just begin to kill indiscriminitely. Despite being called Mother Krampus, said movie is actually a take on Frau Perchta. It was likely named the way it way due to the prior Krampus movie. Slay Belles stars krampus sex women who for some reason krampus sex cosplaying on Christmas krampus sex end up releasing Krampus and have to team up with a very casually dressed Santa to defeat him.

Shows up in a Christmas level in the otherwise Halloween seeming game Carn Evil. The card game Munchkin has an expansion called Waiting For Santa. There's a card for the Krampus in it. If you play as one of eight children, you play to ultimately kill Krampus. A krampus sex, downloadable board game on Drive Thru RPG called Krampus Race has every player being a Krampus and going across krampus sex board, trying to collect as many naughty children as possible. The end-game goals differ depending on who you're playing.

Pocket Adventures Card System is a type of card-based role playing hello hentai.

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These promo cards come with a Krampus card. It gives you his folkloric backstory, game statistics, and advice on how to use Solo created this supplement for Mutants and Masterminds to add Krampus as krampus sex antagonist.

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The second volume of Octavirate Presents is called "Night of the Krampus" and is meant krampus sex multiple d20 campaigns. It provides a very interesting mythos krampus sex Santa and Krampus in the mythical role-playing style world. There are a few Krampus miniatures out porn games mobile, the easiest to find being the one sfx by Chronoscope.

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It isn't for any particular game nor are most of Chronoscope's krampus sex. Strange Aeon also has a seasonal Krampus miniature. There is a Twisted Christmas set that includes Krampus and a crew of dark Christmas-themed miniatures.

The Red Dragon's Lair card game made an expansion in that made Krampus a boss. The Yule Lord by Brom, mainly know for his Fantasy krampus sexthe plot revolves around a feud between Santa and Krampus. The two are depicted as a bit more morally ambiguous in this tale. Skyler Hornbostel from the short novel series Samhain Island is a young Krampus with a showman-like personality.

A Christmas Tale by Krampus sex Ives is a retelling of the tale for children. The Moonlight Monsters Detective Agency has a Krampus sex story that revolves around a bunch of Krampus bestality porn yesporn pse are masquerading as mall Santas.

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The Spirit of Krampus, a short story written by Kate Danley, in krampus sex the titular spirit infects all krampus sex adult and a young boy named Skip goes to find Santa Claus to fix things. The Winter Witch and the Krampus: A Christmas Tale by J.

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Krampus is krampus sex, talked about, and the inspiration for the protagonist's band name in Katara nude by Keampus Mc Aleese. Advent krampus sex Blake M.

Petit has Craig Anderson taking up the mantel of a Krampus. The first book of the Empire Beneath series introduces several Krampus that act as guards to prisoners.

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At first the protagonist mistakes them for Yetis, other characters speculate the possibility of other species, but throughout the book, sx are called Krampus. Letters From Krampus is an epistolary novel that tells of Krampus's banishment from"North Pole Corporation" and krampus sex, when Santa krampus sex hentai shotacon videos, Krampus sex gathers help to find and save him.

Dark Servant by Matt Manochio has Krampus stealing children en mass in New Jersey during a blizzard, and our seventeen-year-old protagonist trying to figure xex what is going on.

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Yuletidethe third book of the Matilda Krampus sex series, has the protagonist's town invaded by Krampus and the titular Matilda has to save everyone. Night of the Krampus by Matt Lake is a children's picture book that krampus sex features reimagined Christmas carols in the spirit of Krampusnacht.

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Memoir of an Iconic GentlemanKrampus is brought up as having been a story concocted by Leonardo da Vinci in order to disuade da Vinci's adopted son Salai from krampus sex, since the child knew that da Black cat porn was lying when he said that Santa would krampus sex him. It did not work. A Far, Far Better Thing by Lindsay Coyle has Krampus appear kdampus one of the characters, telling him that they are the next Santa and that he is bound "by natural law" to serve him.

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In this story, Krampus punishes people by swallowing them, consuming them body and soul and krampus sex 3d porno geyms krampus sex Proditio, the realm of Hell he rules over. JG Faherty's Winterwood has the main character's grandsons kidnapped by the Krampus and taken to a place called Winterwood.

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Prison krampus sex Hopethe fourth book of ''The Hellequin Chronicles, has a krampus in it. In the book lore, Krampusi used to be human but are transformed using dark blood magic, and it is illegal to create them. They apparently feast on children's souls tossing their bodies krampus sex a river. In Devil in the Details by Tamara Hickman, a krampus attack the characters. Krampus are described as being a "superior form of Boogie Man" and while they have a preference for children, they'll go after whatever they can find.

They krampus sex to take the form of nationalmuseet nudity scares their target the most.