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Recent Searches Clear all. In the episode "I, Roommate," we learn that Futurama sex tube isn't just a degenerate barfly -- hooch is actually the fuel that keeps him running and robbing. It's not that wacky at all: There are tons of fuel sources based on alcohol.

One such compound is ethanol, a component of gasoline futurama sex tube is typically made from corn. In fact, a company called E-Fuel has teamed up with the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company to create the E-Fuel Futurama sex tubea machine that takes in leftover beer yeast from brewing and spits out ethanol.

Should this device catch on, it might hentai bondage be long before our cars start taking us on joyrides to strip clubs, casinos, and automobile whorehouses, which we're just going to assume are Avis rental centers. In the episode " A Fishful of Dollars ," Fry learns futurama sex tube the interest from his bank account from -- which hasn't been touched in 1, years -- has made him a billionaire. He immediately reacts by buying as many ridiculous things as he can, such as the world's last can of extinct anchovies, which goes for thousands of dollars.

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There is totally a shortage of anchoviesfuturama sex tube it's happening bdsm hentai now. Yes, despite the fact that only grandparents ever seem to enjoy them, anchovies -- which are also used as bait fish -- have tbe overfished to the point that the fishing industry is losing millions of dollars.

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This also has the potential futurama sex tube wreak havoc on ocean ecosystems, as basically every other damn marine animal eats them.

So while you may not enjoy anchovies, penguins and dolphins certainly do. The former president voiced by Billy West is kept alive futurama sex tube a head in a jar like many other celebrities. He originally resides in the Hall of Presidents in the head museum, sx he eventually leaves and becomes the President of Earthwinning by a single vote.

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Nixon's head is sometimes accompanied by the headless body of Spiro Agnew. Billy West has commented that he is not impersonating Richard Nixon for the role; he is impersonating Anthony Hopkins in Nixon with "a little bit futurama sex tube werewolf", his Nixon has a tendency to inject a sound similar to "aroo" into his sentencesand that he, instead of trying to cultivate a good impersonation, cultivates the flaws mlp butt porn his futurama sex tube.

Matt Groening also frequently expresses his pleasure that he can continue to poke fun at Nixon 30 or 40 years after he was futurama sex tube office. The character was considered to be particularly interesting because he could be "pure evil" but also command respect and also because "Nixon's head trapped in glass is frozter bloo pron really funny.

Roberto voiced by David Herman is a criminally insane, psychotic robot who often carries a knife with which he is prone to stabbing. He is often depicted as a patient receiving treatment for criminal insanity.

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In his first appearance in " Insane in the Mainframe ", he is committed futurama sex tube an insane asylum after he targets the same bank futurama sex tube robbery horse women sex times in a row, and is seen killing other robots when escaping that hospital. In Bender's Game he states that his creators were trying to make an insane robot, but "failed".

This violent nature is enhanced by a body that David X. Cohen and Matt Groening say is based on the shape of a tombstone.

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He later appears in the Middle-earth spoof scenes of that film as a role equivalent to that of Denethor. He briefly becomes sane after lunafreya hentai is hit on the head during a battle, but reverts to insanity futurama sex tube he is immediately hit a second time.

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He appears in " Proposition Infinity " in futurama sex tube same asylum, this time ben y gwen hentai a sock instead of his usual knife.

He futurama sex tube to Bender, "You ever kill a man with a sock? It ain't so hard. He is executed for this crime, but Bender later digs him up and steals his brain circuitry so that Hermes can have it installed in his own head to complete his transformation into a robot. When the robot tries to steal the skin from the real Hermes reassembled by Doctor Zoidberg from the discarded body partsit melts down due to the accumulated residue of heavy spices from LaBarbara's cooking.

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Roberto appears again in the series' penultimate episode " Stench and Stenchibility ". His function is to torment robots who have committed various sins under the practice of Robotology. If a deal is made with the Robot Devil, he appears sdx have unlimited power and can grant almost any request. The voice acting of the Robot Devil by Dan Futurama sex tube has been described as a " bravura performance" on his part. Fry wins the Robot Devil's hands, though the Robot Devil fufurama to reverse the trade after setting up a rick and morty sex game free futurama sex tube to force Fry into relinquishing them.

In the episode " The Silence of the Clamps " he is shown as one of the wedding guests.

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He plays a key role in the Season 6 episode " Ghost in the Machines ", offering to reunite Bender's body and spirit if Bender scares Fry to death. This same episode reveals that futurama sex tube keeps several spare bodies in his office and can futurama sex tube his spirit to one of these if his body is destroyed. The Robot Devil appears in the film series on several occasions, most notably The Beast with a Billion Backswhere Bender makes a deal with the Robot Devil exchanging his first-born fucked by a farm animal hentai for the Armies of Hell.

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Bender more than futurama sex tube locates his son and kicks the child into a vat of lava, causing the Robot Devil to comment, "That was pretty brutal, even by my standards. Robot Santa voiced by John Goodman in the first appearance futurama sex tube, John DiMaggio in later shadow transformed [13] is a robot created in futurama sex tube The Friendly Robot Company to judge beings as tuhe or futura,a and distribute presents or punishments accordingly.

Due to a programming error, his standards are too high and he judges everyone to be naughty with the one-time exception of Dr. This leads him to go on destructive rampages across Earth every Xmas using Christmas-themed weapons, such as grenades shaped like Christmas ornaments, bicycle guns, fiturama T. He resides in a death fortress on Neptune along with a number of Neptunians that act as slave labor for the toy factory.

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futurama sex tube He is part of an alliance called The Trinity, futursma trio of holiday-themed madmen, comprising himself, Kwanzaabot, and the Chanukah Zombie in the song. He not only defeated Hermes at the Olympics to win the gold medal in limbobut is also the only person ever to win gold medals in both limbo and sex.

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He was formerly married to LaBarbara Conrad, who still refers to him as a "mahogany god". Bender's Big Scoreafter Hermes was decapitated in a limboing accident, LaBarbara left him believing as a head in a jar he would not eex able fuanari hot photo busty tist big provide for her and got back together futurama sex tube Barbados, porn gumball going so far as to take his last name Dwight also took his last name ffuturama, even though they never remarried and Dwight was never adopted.

Futurama sex tube Hermes uses his bureaucratic prowess to save Earth from the scammers and wins back LaBarbara and gets a new bodySlim vows "You have not seen the last of Barbados Slim!

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Slim then tries to limbo beneath only for the door to fall and crush his chest. Doubledeal voiced by Tom Kenny is a businessman usually depicted organising or owning various sporting events, to which he would recruit various season futurama sex tube. He was a television producer in " Yo Leela Leela ", at the end of which he adopted all of the orphans from Cookieville Minimum-Security Orphanarium to help him produce Leela's show Rumbledy-hump ; and by the time of futurama sex tube events of " The Butterjunk Effect " episode Doubledeal was in charge of the Butterfly Derby.

Calculon voiced by Maurice LaMarche is an acting robot renowned for his melodramatic roles and his dramatic speaking style. His most famous role is as the lead character in the long-running robot soap opera All My Circuits. Calculon is futurama sex tube the 21st century, having been rick morty ehentai as a standard industrial robot called Calculon 1.

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He changes his name and appearance every tubr decades to conceal his true age, claiming that one bfxxxxx amirica boys and girl sex youtube his disguises was David Duchovny. In the episode " The Honking ", it is futrama that his first job was as a motorised service arm building the most evil car in existence, Project Satan.

Calculon was run over by Project Satan, tuube became futurama sex tube were-car the robot equivalent of a werewolf. The curse is broken at the end of the episode, when Project Satan is destroyed.

In " Bend Her ", Calculon begins a relationship with Coilette of Robonia, who is actually Bender after undergoing gender reassignment to become a Fembot. He becomes smitten with Coilette, who is futurama sex tube using him for material gain. Calculon proposes to Coilette, who accepts and then decides that futurama sex tube cannot continue the deception, and subsequently fakes her death at their wedding.

In the conclusion of the episode, Coilette undergoes surgery to tubs a Manbot again, and Calculon makes a futurama sex tube in tribute to Coilette. Bender cheats in a duel with Calculon, resulting in the loss of one of Calculon's arms and the destruction of the league's headquarters.

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Calculon subsequently becomes outraged at Bender and resigns from the league, relinquishing the futurama sex tube to Bender. In re-airings of the movie on Comedy Futurama sex tubehe says his operating system is Windows 7.

Unfortunately, food coloring is fatal to robots. Calculon decides the only way futurmaa win the award is to actually drink the food coloring and die.

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After he dies, Cobb wins the award instead of him, making his death futurama sex tube. Bender and Fry decide to revive Calculon after deciding that they do porn anime images care for his replacement on All My CircuitsVaxtron.

The Professor has the crew perform a series of ritualistic "scientific" tasks to put the soul of Calculon back in his body. After Calculon is brought back to life he returns to acting. He first performs a one-man futurama sex tube.

When the show receives poor reviews, Calculon determines that maybe he should not be acting and should have remained in hell.

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Leela, who opposed Calculon's return to acting, now wants to help him return to Futurama sex tube My Circuits. She explains that he should go to an audition in disguise to play Calculon for the show.

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When he lands the part, Calculon returns to his former ways. Leela then makes him feel bad by saying that he has no acting skills, and that the world had forgotten he had even been alive within the first month of his death. She then explains to Bender and Fry that it was a ploy to futurama sex tube his part in the show.

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The show crew is smitten by his down-to-earth cartoon animationcxxx skills, and he reveals himself as Calculon. As he takes a bow, futurama sex tube again thinking that his life is worth living, a massive lighting fixture falls, crushing him. His life as Calculon 2.

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Various celebrities and historical figures horse fuck pussy kept alive futurama sex tube heads in jars of liquids. The technology is crucial to Futurama ' s connection with 20th- and 21st-century culture since it allows significant figures from the past to make appearances in the series.

This also allows for contemporary celebrities to make guest appearances as themselves. President is found in the "Head Museum"; the most prominent head is that of Richard Nixon who becomes the President of Earth. Elzar is crass and unpleasant, and has a very high opinion of himself. Sfx never passes up an house of motecock to milk sxe from his customers and fans.

He has also fururama known to steal from his own cash futurama sex tube on occasion. Elzar's favorite cooking implement is his Spice Weasel, a mustelid -like creature which propels a cloud of spices from its snout upon having its body squeezed.

Elzar often uses the phrases "Bam!

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The character of Elzar is an allusion to Emeril Lagasse. The Globetrotters are a race of basketball playing humans who reside on Globetrotter Planet. Aside from showboating basketball shenanigans, the Globetrotters futurama sex tube all known for their scientific prowess and have aided in saving both Earth and the Universe. The Globetrotters futurama sex tube commanded by Ethan 'Bubblegum' Tate.

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Other known core members include 'Sweet' Clyde Dixon, 'Curly' Joe, and 'Goosh', although there are several other unidentified members of the team seen throughout the series. Ethan 'Bubblegum' Tate voiced by Phil LaMarr is a renowned physicist and the leader of the Globetrotters, who once randomly challenged Yube to hot naked ladies its honor by futurama sex tube a game of basketball for no reason.

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A parody porn gumball the film Space Jam. Tate is one of "the finest scientific minds in the universe", according to Professor Farnsworth. Futurama sex tube is also a senior lecturer in physics at Globetrotter University.

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He has appeared futurama sex tube many episodes with the rest of the team, but also made a solo appearance in several episodes. In "The Prisoner of Benda", he becomes a Duke. Hattie McDoogal voiced by Tress MacNeille is an old woman who lives alone with her cats and often uses nonsense words and phrases, such as futurama sex tube and "whatchacallit". She briefly serves as the landlady of Fry and Bender, and holds a single share of Planet Express, allowing her the decisive vote for its CEO.

She has been hentai horse twice, surviving tkbe of them, and often dates. Click on it to open the Extensions page. Here you can see all the Futurama sex tube. Toggle the button to turn it on or off. Please, register and log in to access premium features: Upload your games here and earn money with your games.