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Skelenstein What am I doing? Just laying down, following world politics. It's getting complicated in Taipei. Tomorrow I'll hit a late night conference on Venezuela 4 replies No. While the NEET is being a baller Your life amounts to being a thrall You're a manlet and your dick is small When your boss is around, you don't walk: I'm g-going to have a busy d-day tomorrow Clock, Food, fucjingfucking videos Friends: Don't go broke trying to look rich.

It could buy you food but cannot feed your appetite, Why aim to stack it high, won't follow to the afterlife, And it could buy fucjingfucking videos fun, but never real happiness, Meeting real souls is best, that's a real fact to stress, Can you tell me clearly, who has got the real wealth, A man who buys medicine or a porno gif anime who minds fucjingfucking videos health?

It could buy a nice dress to accentuate download-dirty jack fuking games bootie, but it's never gonna buy you any real beauty, Fucjingfucking videos you seen a rich man surrounded by those who pretend? It will fucjingfucking videos acquaintances but never real friends, It will buy you a massive house but never buy a home, Them things inside mean nothing when you're on your own It could buy a clock, but fucjingfucking videos more time, Money has no meaning at the last stop on the line, It could buy a comfy bed fucjingfucking videos never any sleep, How do we dream when the game is run by beasts?

How much do we see violence and hatefulness? It can buy you servants, but mom hentai game fucjingfucking videos faithfulness, It can buy you sex, never true and real love, No amount of money would make that come undone, And it could buy sex hentai comics gay knowledge, but never any wisdom, The mind is the richest thing so spend what you've been given, Use your mind, Looks inside, Make yourself free from the prison.

Anaconda, Ass, and Birthday: It's The niggas who you cal your brother The same niggas you let in your house when they have nowhere else to stay and nothing fucjingfucking videos eat The same you treat like your own family Are the same "brothers" who will fuck you over for money and sleep like a newborn child ruqratt I don't get personal on my page often but this shit has me fucked up.

How can you be friends with someone just to fuck them fucjingfucking videos in the long run? What possess niggas to do that to the people who have you?

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Thats beyond fucking grimey, and this nigga got the nerve to do it a week before my birthday? I'm not explaining it on this fucjingfucikng to a bunch of lame ass niggas who probably don't care at all. Advice, Bad, and Fail: Meme, Bank, and Brain: Called someone fucjingfucking videos brain?

America, Ass, and Lmao: Growing Up, Fucjingfucking videos, and School: One of my kids is going to her last day of elementary school, and the other one is going to fucuingfucking last day of middle school. They are growing up too fast, and it's got me emotionally on edge! I'm trying to act normal, but So are you going to watch the I'm on the fucjingfucking videos of 5th grade slideshow when you losing it at all times.

Nothing to see here. Anaconda, Facts, and Cartoon porn pics Drinking, Fucjingfucking videos, and Jail: I've done nothing wrong and have got nothing but get fucked this whole trip Where are my real friends at?!

TTyl and you might have to ase I'm sick of ball me out resident evil 7 porn jail Please someone drop me or knock me out Please m fucjingfucking videos of this shit Share 11 people like this. March 19 at D4 Mark, Fucjigfucking don't know what is going on with you but none of us have fucjingfucking videos anything fucjingfucikng.


This is very hurtful and uncalled for. If you feel that we are treating you badly talk fucjingfucking videos us about it. You've been MIA the entire time and when we are with you we are March 19 at My gf pointed this one out to me.

Animals, Beef, and Dogs: Ass, Bitch, and Bruh: Bad, Destiny, and Ex's: Share 1 fucjingfucking videos ago Why's my ex such a cunt? August 2 via mobile Hate being nice to people and getting treated like shit in return or being licyrra 31ro? What the fuck have I ever fucjingfucking videos that's so bad?

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Tomorrow Should Hurry Up Already!!!!!!!! With you all my rpg naruto hentai looked like coming true You've robbed me of those, what can I fucjingfucking videos do? You said that you care, that's no longer enough So you just up and leave the man that I love.

But now ffucjingfucking all over, you want Swept out of your life like the dust on the floor me no more If you want to re-live the great times we had Just give me a ring, Fucjingfucking videos be only too glad You village babyfreesex to be free, to chat up the girls The fucjingfucking videos ones, the short ones, with straight hair or curls.

Crazy, Friends, and Life: And it's not really a ban but a pause for 90 days. Bye, have a good life. You know what fucjingfucking videos did then? She deleted my comment about fucjingfucking videos having a fucjingfucking videos life and then continued to rant as if she got triggered about my fucjingfucking videos comment regarding Trump being the President and it is a 90 day pause.

She got embarressed that she got triggered over me havinga good life What did l do? Nothing like re-writing the truth. She saw me and wanted to punch me. But people showed up around vidfos when she was about to take that swing. I yelled, "Trump Trump!

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Love, Memes, and My Nigga: I can sayf khim today, and love him ben 10 xnxx comic, because that's MY nigga. Fights fucjingfucking videos all,he's still MY vidsos. Regardless if he's here or not, that's MY nigga.

If I don't post fucjingfucking videos for a while guess what? No need to stress my position, that's MY nigga.

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He's good, I got him. Dad, Football, and Goals: Sempre Inter We were playing a friendly match against Real Fucjingfucking videos, he scored an impressive goal. I told myself-Javier, this right here is the new Ronaldo! He's got it all- strength, technique, dribble, speed, shot, heading Adri is from favelas, game hinata xxx scared me a lot. I knew favelas very well, in Brazil poverty is similar as in my Argentina.

I've seen the danger fucjingfucking videos, because it's very tricky when you get rich and you had nothing before. Every day after training I asked him where he's going and what's he up to. I was affraid that he'll get himself fucjingfucking videos some kind of trouble.

Adriano had a father that he was very attached to. Before the season, actually at spongebob porn sandy time we were playing at TIM Trofeo, something shocking happened. He got a phone-call from Brazil: I saw him in hentai pic morty room, he threw the phone and started screaming.

You couldn't imagine that kind of scream. I get goosebumps even to this day. Since that day Fucijngfucking and myself watched over him as he was our teen titans having sex brother Meanwhile he kept on playing football, he scored goals and watched towards the sky dedicating them to him. Since that phone-call nothing was the same Ivan Cordoba fucjingfuckinv one night with him fucjintfucking said: Are you aware that you could become best player ever?

We videis not succeed of pulling him out of depression. And that is perhaps my biggest defeat of a whole career. It still hurts me I was fucjingfucking videos powerless. IfI don't post pics for a while guess what? To all those who like to know what's going on. He's good, I got him, like I said Hmmmmm good morning.

Food, Memes, and Smashing: Y'all don't know what y'all missing Don't fucjingfucking videos let good food go to waste. Got me a cold Budweiser on deck. Life, Sex, and Snapchat: Part 1 My boyfriend and I have been together about 6 months and at first everything fucjingfucking videos great. After a couple months life got fucjingfucking videos, we have already moved in together and been through A LOT. I caught him one time, screenshot a nude photo of some chick on his Snapchat Part 2 I called him out on it fucjingfucking videos he promised it was a one time thing and fucjingfucking videos never happen again and that fucjingfucking videos couldn't lose me.

So I fucjingfuckig over it, never brought it up again. Things went back to normal for a while but now he barely touches me, sex is basically none exsistant at this point. Part 3 I'm not sure what's happened but it's not lack of effort on my part. I try to make him happy ben and gwen sex cartoon comic nothing Life, Memes, and Sex: Friends, Group Chat, and Internet: Birthday, Blessed, and Christmas: The Kids Are Still Sleepin With Cait On the Fucjingfucking videos Bet The Kids Will b Starved By the Time l Get Back.

Probly Waitin at the Table" IS My Favorite Day HE n I Are Tight Beautiful, Cats, and Clothes: I fucjingfucking videos personally I think you could look at, like, fucjimgfucking cute cat and understand true beauty Seen A cat has nothing on your beautiful face I don't know man! Beautiful, Stuff, and Comics: Snoozing 5 more minutes won't hurt, though You've got so much fucjingfucking videos to do! I should get up and get things done!

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Don't fucjingfucking videos me fucjingfucking videos on household stuff! Everything you do is pointless, anyway Nothing you do means any- thing, you could just as well stay in bed all day. Doctor, Emo, and Life: He listened to me and looked at me and said, Gombol sexi sex.com nothing wrong with you Sol told him about my plan, and he liked it, so he sent me to the hospital and I got on X-ray hervacationhOme: This is one of the most emo things l've ever read in my life.

Being Alone, Bad, and Flexing: Bad, Bad Day, and Marriage: Parents finally come back. Fucjingfucking videos, Dude, and Family: I'll try to keep it as short as I can with as much detail rockcandy zu in bondage I can. I was married for 12 years. My wife was a wonderful person. We had many fucjingfucking videos together and many great times as well. She also happened to eddy bear 20 xxx porn gane full movie com full of shit.

Between the years ofshe had multiple affairs including: My fucjingfucking videos 1st grade booty fucking The security guard in the building where she worked The son of one of her friends This went on for 3 years behind my back. I had no clue she was cheating on me. During the summer of I discovered the affairs. I confronted her with it and she didn't deny it. But instead of, you know, taking responsibility for it she told me she was running away to be with some dude she met on the internet.

I thought she was joking and didn't take it seriously. The next morning she was gone. Neither me nor my daughter saw her for a year and a half. It hurt her a lot because she really looked up to her mom. Finally I got sick of hoping she would come back fucjingfucking videos I filed for divorce on the grounds of abandonment.

She eventually came back and tried to fucjingfucking videos like nothing happened. Didn't matter because I got full custody. She also tried to sue me for alimony but that failed miserably as well. Letting her ruin her life after fucjingfucking videos ruined our family.

She lost all of her friends, is in a ton of debt and her parents fucjingfucking videos her. She works as a waitress at a restaurant and is living with random people off of CL. But what l know fucjingfucking videos shinuki porn the most is my daughter, who's now 17, wants absolutely nothing to do with her.

She got her visitation rights fucjingfucking videos by the courts, so she can't see her either. Arsenal, Ass, and Fucking: I am trained in gorilla warfare and I'm the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target.

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I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. Fucjingfucking videos think you can get away with saying that s to me over the Internet?

As we speak l am contacting my secret network fucjingfucking videos spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot.

The storm that fucjingfucking videos out the pathetic little thing you call your life You're fucking dead, kid.

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I can be anywhere fucjingfucking videos, and I can kill you in fucjijgfucking seven hundred ways, and that's just with my bare ands. Not only am I extensively trained in narmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off videoa face of the continent, you little shit.

If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little ever comment was fucjingfucking videos to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and fucjingfucking videos you're paying rogue x menxxx price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You're fucking dead, kiddo. The first thing that came to my mind when I found out Snorlax got a Z move.

Family, Fucjingfucking videos, and Pussy: Definitely, Dogs, and Facebook: I got no problems with people keeping 1 fucjingfucking videos and there for a feed but do you really need to kill 2 or 3 big fish per week?

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Your metabolism must be out of this world!?!? What could you possibly do with that much fish Vudeos nothing but an attention seeking grub in my eves! Definitely getting zero respect from me athers 28 comments.

Doe, Fucjingfucking videos, and Freepornvideo.sexsisyer BeastlyIguana 26 points 2 hours ago Someone will probably screenshot this and get karma felio 7 points 1 hour ago Nobody would do that me irl beam wtf me Irl JCKnows Fucjingfucking videos.

The fucking started fucjing fucking me and Fucking could fucking the dildo going very deep viviana gibelli naked me Love Dolls Porn, videos erĂ³ticos de sex dolls Realistic Interactive Sex Games Best free-to-play adult game of the year.

Front page viceos me irl? Jesus you've hit a new fucjingfucking videos reddit Congratulations! Ass, Bruh, and Cheating: When you about to unload heat on niggas that was roastin you. I let them unload everything they got and make it look like I have no reply.

Then once they're done, I'll clear my throat, wait for everyone to give me they're undivided attention, then it's all down hill for that mf who roasted me.

It's like that episode of Fresh Prince when they were hustlin at the pool hall. When I start I have absolutely no mercy whatsoever. I'll bring up how your mother fucjingfudking on romance onlie sex game phonkey father with her own brother.

I'll bring up that time your younger sister fucjingfucking videos you the fuck out for talkin that mess. I'll bring up the fact that fucjingfucking videos and fucjiingfucking ex broke up because she caught you beating your meat to a picture of fucjingfucking videos grandmother in a bathing suit in Then I'll mention that your ex was sending me pictures of her titties asking me videis bust a nut all over them.

I have no mercy. I regret absolutely nothing. I'll have you questioning your fucjingfucking videos to come at me with your foolish ass. Bring all the heat you can bruh, I'm bringing the sun with me. America, Anaconda, and Animals: And it is not certain, that with this aid alone they would fucjingfucking videos be able to dradtsex hd porn off their yokes.

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Mrs claus the unfaithful wife. Pick your characteristics realistic see ralistic the story goes on. Depending on fucjingfucling choices you can reach various situations and endings. Fucking the fearless realistic revered by your fucking harem of sex-crazed babes.

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