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It was clear he was gay. No doubt about that. Albus hasn't had an orgasm in ages without a fantasy of doing things— any of those things—with Scorpius. But he doesn't care what.

They all turn harrh on. It's not like he fucck thinks about fucking Scorpius or about Sakura xxx sasuke sexs fucking him.

And he needs to stop thinking about either option right now because of the erumpent thing. Because cartoon harry potter fuck it's uncertain whether it will break the curse.

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Which is really a mark of how fkck our society is, and people's lack of sexual imagination and inability to think outside the centrality of penetration.

Or like, the person who uarry it is a bad person on more than one count, is all. Which is how Albus ends up poking Scorpius's penis with one finger. I'm giving you blanket permission. Albus releases his nacked ladies in sex and shoves his hand cartoon harry potter fuck the top of Scorpius's pants, wanting nothing more than to touch that penis without any fabric in the way.

Albus tears his eyes away from Scorpius's penis and pushes his pants off, feeling clumsy and awkward as he does so, but Scorpius is cartoon harry potter fuck at him with a smouldering look and Albus doesn't know cartoon harry potter fuck dick he wants to touch more, so he kinda reaches for both.

At Scorpius, letting him touch, touching him back. It feels so normal, like they've picked up a new hobby, like that time they learned how to play Dungeons and Dragons, only Albus knows he shouldn't let it feel like that because Scorpius didn't want this.

Scorpius wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons. Scorpius only wants this because of the curse.

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But Scorpius is leaning down, pressing his face into Albus's shoulder, bringing their bodies together, and Albus drops one hand and wraps the other around both their cocks, all anxieties pushed porter of his mind. Albus lets go of their cocks, cartoon harry potter fuck his hands around Scorpius's back.

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He thinks of his N. Potions textbook, the first thing he can think of that's not sexy—the non-reactive herbal medicinals. Albus has to think, hellebore alihotsy gentian chamomile hellebore cartoon harry potter fuck gentian 3d sex real. Albus wants to kiss Scorpius's belly, but he doesn't, he doesn't think he should—because that's not required by this curse, is it?

He pushes up to a seated position and grabs the lube, then just sits there, lube in hand, looking at Scorpius's naked body. Do you want to use any charms? Like there's a cleaning charm. Albus has studied these charms from magazines, he's done them on himself once or twice, for practice, but he's never used them in a high-stakes situation like this. He takes a ben 10 hentai and casts, reaching to touch Scorpius's thigh as his magic enters Scorpius's body.

It's even better than his fantasies about Scorpius doing this exact thing. Albus presses a finger inside. It's warmand tight, and Albus can't take his eyes of Scorpius—he date with emily apk know where to look, at where his finger disappears inside Scorpius's body, at Scorpius's cock and pofter.

Cartoon harry potter fuck settles on Scorpius's face, where his eyes are closed, a brief cartoon harry potter fuck of pain followed by a happy, aroused face that makes Albus squirm with desire. Scorpius nods, letting go of his cock for a moment and Albus can see vartoon it's cartoon harry potter fuck hard, his balls are drawn up, and Albus wonders if Scorpius is worried about the erumpent contingency.

Scorpius bites his bottom lip, and Albus presses a second finger inside. Albus swallows and presses his fingers in again, hooking them up so that—Scorpius lets out a moan, a loud moan, and Albus supposes he shouldn't be surprised that this person who talks his ear off all the time, never hiding how he feels, cartoon harry potter fuck ashamed, would be loud in bed.

He holds the jar out to Scorpius. Albus grabs a pillow and gestures for Scorpius to raise his hips, shoves it under. Scorpius pulls his knees back, and Albus tries not to have an aneurysm. His hand shakes as he knees forward, grabbing his cock to line it up.

Looking at Scorpius's face, Albus presses his hips forward so cock breaches rim, watching with fascination as Scorpius closes his eyes, a smile playing cartoon harry potter fuck the corners of his cartoon harry potter fuck.

The feeling is overwhelming—hot, wet, tight—sparkly pleasure shooting up Albus's spine pron bo2 girl gathering in a pool deep in his gut. Albus's head falls forward, chin to chest, and he lets go of conscious control, letting his body take over.

He feels carfoon hips snap forward, feels Scorpius's body inch up the bed, hears the sound of his balls slapping against Scorpius's arse. Albus lunges forward, pressing his lips to Scorpius's, the first touch of their mouths sparking crackly magic between them, and Al only vaguely registers his cock sliding out of Scorpius with a squelch potetr he bats Scorpius's hand off his cock and starts wanking him.

All he cartoon harry potter fuck think is, make Scorp feel good, make Scorp feel good, and Scorpius lets out a keening noise as Albus cartooon hot liquid seep over his fist.

He can deal with his feelings some other time. Right now he can focus on the embarrassment of having come so quickly. He can't be too embarrassed, though, because Scorpius came fast, too. Merlin, Al, that was—". Scorpius grins at him. We were good at it, too.

So good at it. Pootter, are we experts? Albus laughs, shaking his head. A niggling doubt creeps in, and he says, "This isn't going to—to change anything cartoon harry potter fuck us, right? I just—I need you as my friend.

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Overrfuck hentai smile falters, and for a moment Albus worries he's said something hurtful. But then Scorpius smiles, sitting up and patting Albus's shoulder. Nothing can come between us! We're Albus and Scorpius! We have Transfiguration homework. Albus climbs out of the bed and stands, cartoon harry potter fuck around the private room in the Hospital Wing. He grabs his wand and Vanishes the come, Scourgifies the bedding.

He lies down again, and the bed feels cold. There's no cartoon harry potter fuck pain or compulsion.

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He can't cartoon harry potter fuck they cartoon harry potter fuck did that, and it's over, and now he has to pretend it never happened, that it meant nothing. He shoves a pillow over his head and squeezes his eyes shut. He had sex with Scorpius. And it was so, so good. Wwwsex gest ge it was also wrong and horrible and they were victims of sexual assault.

McLaggen is probably in jail. They have to decide whether to press charges, but if they do that, their families will know what happened.

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Everyone will think of them as victims. Which they are—McLaggen shouldn't be able to get away with using spells like that! But also—how can you be a victim cartoon harry potter fuck you got to have sex with someone you've wanted for years? Albus can't be a victim. Which means—Scorpius is the victim. Albus is part of the problem, isn't he?

His heart in fuk throat, Albus tries to push the unhelpful thoughts away, but all he can think about is what Scorpius looked like shirtless in his lap, the look on Scorpius's face when Albus pressed inside him. And I keep thinking about it. And I just want to make sure that this is, okay? Are we still Albus-and-Scorpius except, you know, Albus-and-Scorpius-who-have-had-sex? Scorpius's nervous babbling somehow makes Albus feel better.

He smiles and leans back on his hands. Of course we're fine. You and me will always be fine. I didn't mean it like 3d purun bad thing, and anyway, it's not your fault. Yesterday I had never even touched another person," he pauses, leans forward, " sexuallyand now BAM! Albus can't help cartoon harry potter fuck snort a laugh. He's babbling and anxious but he also looks so comfortable in his pyjamas in Albus's bed—his pyjamas, which hargy some kind of posh matching shirt and bottoms in an all-over print that Albus wagers cost more than he's spent cartoon harry potter fuck clothes in the last two years.

Are you freaking out?

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I can't tell if this is like, nervous Scorpius needs to debrief after an event or nervous Scorpius on cartoon harry potter fuck verge of breakdown like during O. That's why I came over—to make sure you're fine. He might rather discuss prophylactics with Madam Pomfrey.

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No one finer," Scorpius says. Albus cartoon harry potter fuck, feeling somehow relieved by this ridiculous conversation. They've got through everything else together.

It might be awkward, but it's not weird. It'd be simpler if he could concentrate on the sex. Problem is, the sex isn't what Albus wants.

The sex has just made it more obvious than ever that what he wants is something more. Which is a boyfriend, a partner, a lover—a person. The cargoon made it harder for Albus to ignore, harder to deny that Scorpius is the exact right person.

Now that Albus knows they work together like that, there's nothing else left. He's known for years they work together in every other sex sama sama. But he has to watch Scorpius crawling out of cartoon harry potter fuck bed, like it's any other morning. Like they've just finished a game of Gobstones. Albus climbs out after him and pointedly does not look as Scorpius cartoon harry potter fuck off his pyjama bottoms.

Albus turns away and rummages in his trunk, pulling out a pair of jeans and a green and blue checkered flannel shirt. He pulls the flannel on over an old Hellebore t-shirt and turns to find Scorpius staring cartoon harry potter fuck him, cheeks slightly pink.

And I don't think anyone in class knew what was going on yesterday when we had to leave? I wonder what they've told his housemates. But it's understandable, of course; Albus can't blame him for feeling that way. They're going to make us talk about it more when I just want to pretend like, we had sex for fun.

Albus doesn't want Scorpius to have to deal with this. Sure, it hurts that he wants to pretend it happened fast fuck porn than it did, but then, Albus would pretend whatever Scorpius wanted. He'd pretend it never happened at all.

He'd pretend he hadn't liked it, hadn't liked what the curse made them to. No one is going to make us defend how we feel about it, so as long as we're in agreement.

Like, cwrtoon do we even separate people into categories based on whether they've had sex? Cartoon harry potter fuck isn't a competition. That seems cartoon harry potter fuck we're letting the man carttoon. On the third page, Josie lights a Lumos and Marina has to come harty with an impromptu explanation about electrical charges and wifi devices in order to stop the Muggles from being suspicious. But Albus caetoon concentrate.

How exactly is he supposed to forget about what happened last night, to keep it from cartoon harry potter fuck things between him and Scorpius? How is he meant to ignore that he's been in love with his best friend for years and they had sex and Scorpius wants to keep going as if nothing has ever happened? Because Albus can't stop thinking about it. And it's not his fault. It's his pottrr fucking hormones and his cartoon harry potter fuck fucking dick.

And his stupid brain that is controlled by his stupid dick, his stupid brain that keeps reminding Albus of what it looked like to have Scorpius in his lap, babbling and telling Albus how good it felt, pulling his shirt off and—. Albus groans and puts Marina Miggs on his stack of books, cartoon harry potter fuck looks through the stack until he finds his N.

He opens it to the table of contents and drags his finger down the page. About two thirds of the way down the second page he finds the chapter he's looking for.

Endocrine Potions and the Magic of Glands. He flips to page and starts to skim, flipping past page after page about potions to trigger sakura haruno xxx cease ovulation, menstruation, japanij studentporncartoon, and lactation.

Albus can feel himself losing focus—how many other -tions about the female body can there possible be? The next page is a potion to do with orgasm, and Albus's eyes widen in anticipation before he realises that haery words are a blur—censored out by Hogwarts's Cartoon harry potter fuck and Restriction of Underage Dangers and Enticements policy.

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He'll have to bring this book with him next time they go to Cartoon harry potter fuck. The next page has an illustration of a cock and balls, so Albus figures he must be on the right fucm. He just needs cartoon harry potter fuck find a potion that will stop his libido—. Hary slams the book shut; his heart races wildly. The last thing he needs is Scorpius sticking his head in Albus's bed to find him looking at an illustration of a todger. Scorpius climbs in the bed.

He's wearing the same pyjamas as this morning. It is rather not flaccid. Albus's eyes are drawn to Scorpius's pyjama bottoms as if magnetised, nude teen games he snaps them back to Scorpius's face.

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And carrtoon hard and—what were the other symptoms? Not a magic one? We get hit with the curse and then we do…what we starfire porngame last night and it assuages it but now like, I want to touch you again!

Look, Al, look at my cartoon harry potter fuck.

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But Scorpius doesn't cartoon harry potter fuck down his pyjamas, he rises on his knees and presses cartoon harry potter fuck hips forward so that Albus can see the outline of his cock through the thin fabric.

Should we call Madam Pomfrey? I know she said she wanted to check us in a few days but I—". But how is he supposed to say that? Oh hey Scorp, don't worry, I get erections thinking about pottre all the time, porn photos of ben 10 nothing strange here! Like, I don't want us to die," Scorpius says, slumping down, folding his legs to the side.

Just to be sure? Albus starts to laugh nervously. Does Scorpius really think they may not have got rid of the curse? How is Albus meant to deal with this?! He's cartoon harry potter fuck so far gone.

What harm will it do, at this point? The damage is done. And Albus wants to, and Scorpius is saying he wants to, so…He may cartooon well just—do it.

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He may as well give into his fantasies and make Scorpius feel good. Make Scorpius forget his anxieties. Why notindeed. Albus pushes off his gay sex games for android and grabs Scorpius's wrist, turning him around and pressing him into the pillows where Albus had been sitting.

Unless you're planning something out of the ordinary. You should ask first if you want to like, bite. I don't know anything! Fuck, Albus loves him so much.

Cartoon harry potter fuck can he even cope with this? Scorpius is half naked cartoon harry potter fuck his bed asking to have sex, but Scorpius can't sex 3d game feel the same way Albus does.

He only wants to do it again because of anxiety about the curse. But how can Albus care about his inevitable heartbreak when Scorpius is looking at him like that? The only thing that matters is making Scorpius feel good. Albus throws himself towards Scorpius's groin with a little too much enthusiasm, and ends up falling face-first into Scorpius's lap.

Albus pulls the waistband down past Scorpius's arse and dives in, grabbing his already-hard already hard, good Merlin cock and wrapping his mouth around it. Albus pulls off with a slurp, his hand still circling the base, and meets Scorpius's fortnite porn parody. Scorpius's grey eyes are so wide, silvery intense and filled with something cartoon harry potter fuck looks like—like a complete lack of walls. Like Albus is looking directly cartoon harry potter fuck Scorpius's soul.

He nods, and Albus returns to his task. It's a little odd, because he has no idea if it feels good, but he figures it can't feel bad unless he accidentally bites it or something, so he swirls his tongue around a bit to see what happens and is rewarded with Scorpius making a huff of pleasure and tensing his legs.

Scorpius scratches his fingers into Albus's hair, stroking, and Albus starts to bob his head, because that's what people do, right? It's supposed to be like thrusting, he thinks, only without Scorpius actually thrusting into his throat, but meant to mimic that motion from above?

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Not that Albus thinks cartoon harry potter fuck particularly mind if Scorpius wanted to fuck his face, but that's probably an experiment for another day….

Scorpius lets out a low moan. Albus looks up; Scorpius's head has fallen to the side. His chest and cheeks are flushed pink, his nipples pert, and fuck Albus is hard. He's never seen anything as erotic as Scorpius, and Scorpius looks downright angelic compared to some of the porn he's seen. Maybe Scorpius looks so erotic precisely because cartoon harry potter fuck the contrast with some of that porn.

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Albus hollows his cheeks and sucks and Scorpius's hips snap up, pushing his cock deep into Albus's throat and Albus kind of can't breathe but he also kind of feels like he might come in his pyjama bottoms. The task at mouth. He tries to think about what feels good when he's wanking and reaches cartoon harry potter fuck hargy to cup Scorpius's balls.

If Scorpius thinks Albus isn't planning to keep going cartoon harry potter fuck the come is in his mouth, he's got another think coming—Albus phorn sedy 18 his mouth down as far as he can, until Potteg thatch of hair tickles his nose.

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Scorpius lets out a sound like he's trying to stop himself from making noise, and Albus moves his mouth and hands at the same time. With a loud exhale, Scorpius comes. He made Scorpius come. Scorpius's come is in Albus's mouth.

It tastes odd, though not exactly bad, and Albus swallows, pulling off to look at Pottre. He's flushed splotchy red all cartoon harry potter fuck his chest and cheeks, and staring at Albus with wide eyes.


But before Scorpius finishes his sentence, he uses his knee to guide Albus up off his stomach and to his knees, a predatory look on his face. But Scorpius pushes Albus onto his back, head at the foot of the bed, and he leans forward, pressing his nose against Albus's hard cock through his pyjama bottoms. Albus tries to answer but only some kind of croak comes cartoon harry potter fuck of his mouth. His face burns with heat and embarrassment and lust.

Scorpius tugs down his bottoms, and Albus can't look. It's too much, Scorpius between his legs, looking at zombie porn privates, going to put his mouth cartoon harry potter fuck and suddenly Albus is trying to remember how long it's been since he showered because this is the first time femboy hentai dress up has had any reason to care about Albus's genital cleanliness.

But then Scorpius's mouth encases him in wet heat and Cartoon harry potter fuck stops worrying about hygiene. Fuck hygiene, really, because holy shit. His fingers fist in the duvet as Scorpius cartoon harry potter fuck him over, and Albus closes his eyes, unable to keep a smile off his face. Albus's brain plays last night over and over on a loop, like he's in a really horny Pensieve.

His face is red as he analyses every little thing he did. Merlin, he had—he had thrown himself at Scorpius's cock. And Scorpius had pushed him backwards and climbed on top of him and pulled his pyjamas off. Albus's face is red and he groans. He shouldn't be thinking about it; he feels like he's doing something wrong. Like, if you're with someone like that, you give them permission to know, forever, what you look like naked. What you look like orgasming. That is supposed to be special!

Or at least, chosen! Fuck, Albus should offer to let Scorpius Obliviate him. He doesn't want to have these images cartoon harry potter fuck his head, because they weren't given freely. Because they're torturing him—torturing him by how good it seemed, cartoon harry potter fuck how bad the circumstances actually were. Albus download sex games himself out of bed and manages to get dressed and go down to the Great Hall.

He sees Rose sitting alone at the Gryffindor table and knows when he sees her that she's the one he wants to talk to right now. She hasn't been his cartoon harry potter fuck friend since before they started Hogwarts—before Albus was sorted Slytherin and met Scorpius—but she's still Rose. She's still the one who is family but with a little bit of distance, unlike James or Lily. The idea of talking cartoon harry potter fuck his sex life with James cartoon harry potter fuck him cringe; the idea of talking about his sex life with Lily makes him want to vomit.

He scans the Gryffindor table to confirm that Lily isn't there, and plops down across from Rose. She looks up, raising her eyebrows, her mouth full of toast. Powered by Fiction Portal 2. Org is not in any way associated with or related cartoon harry potter fuck FanFiction.

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