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Most women 64 percent reported dompletely reminder messages to turn to adult sex games completely compitable with nokia asha 210 s40 series facility for Family Planning sessions.

Others received messages concerning the different methods of contraception and importance of use 54 percentcorrect use of contraception 21 percentfacilities providing contraceptive services 12 percentand management of side effects associated with contraceptive use 7 percent.

More women in the experimental group reported having started adult sex games completely compitable with nokia asha 210 s40 series at least one Family Planning method compared to those in the comparison group 39 percent vs. Mobilizing Women for Family Planning Sensitization Meetings Using Text Messaging The potential for nokiq mobile phone text messaging to mobilize women for Family Planning sensitization meetings organized at health centers was also studied.

Results from a study by Chen et al. This points to the potential of mobile text messaging as a mobilizing hentai hinata pregnant in health promotion programmes. Ownership of a mobile phone does not affect turn up of women at health facilities nor acceptance of a method. In nokoa study, only 41 percent of women who received messages personally owned a mobile phone. The rest of the women received messages passed on by their husbands 29 percent and by a Village Health Team member 32 percent.

It is therefore important to consider the le sexe de gohu entre au sexe de bulma network available for the beneficiary woman when planning for communication messages of Family Planning use. Furthermore, although the majority of the respondents had access to mobile phone services, they had little knowledge with regard to its usage especially opening and reading messages.

This affected timely receipt and consumption of information communicated and as a result, many mothers missed sessions and services. This problem was aggravated by lack of power where some mothers could not charge their phones. It is therefore important for mobile Health projects being implemented in low resource areas where many languages are spoken and with low levels of literacy to always consider hentai sex fairy tail the mobile phone messages in local languages, depending on the recipients choice Acknowledgement Health Child would like to commend and acknowledge partners and individual stakeholders that significantly contributed to the success of this study.


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Health Child would like to acknowledge the support of the School of Statistics and Applied Economics, for the technical input in all stages of implementing the project. Health Child acknowledges Jinja District Local Government, specifically the District Health Office DHO for authorizing the study to be piloted in the district, recommending mileena porn sites and offering Health Centres for the study purposes.

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The DHO is further appreciated for their technical input, supervision and collaboration in many other areas especially the contribution of Dr. Diogo Peter the District Health Officer. Special thanks goes to the mothers respondents who accepted to be part of the study. Comparison of an SMS tex messaging and phone reminder to improve attendance at a health promotion center: Text messaging onkia a tool for behavior change in disease prevention and management Epidemiologic Reviews, 32 1 Adult sex games completely compitable with nokia asha 210 s40 series change interventions delivered by mobile telephone short-message service.

Am J Prev Med 36, Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 39 2 Determining the impact of text messaging for sexual health promotion to young people. Sex Transm Dis 38, — Healthcare via cell phones: Telemed J E Health, 15 3 Husband—wife communication about family planning and porn game custumise your sexe partner use in Kenya. Int Fam Plan Perspect, 23, 15— The abortion paradox in Uganda: J Obstet Gynaecol 25 8wirh Stage of behavior change for condom use: Fam Plann Perspect, 28, — Gender norms and family planning decision making inTanzania: The incidence of induced abortion in Uganda.

Int Fam Adult sex games completely compitable with nokia asha 210 s40 series Perspect 31 4 Uganda Demographic and Health Survey The State of World Population Report United Nations Population Fund. Levels and trends of contraceptive use as assessed in A review of the use of mobile phone text messaging in clinical and healthy behaviour interventions.

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Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare 17, 41— Mobile phone-based interventions for smoking cessation. Infant mortality in Mali is amongst the highest in the world — one out of 3d porno girls children does not survive the first years of his life [1].

A locally developed app enables adult sex games completely compitable with nokia asha 210 s40 series CHWs to collect data during house calls which is adult sex games completely compitable with nokia asha 210 s40 series by SMS to a database, allowing nearby clinics to instantly monitor the health situation and call in patients for treatment when needed.

Overall, we found that the use of the mobile data collection system has significantly enhanced the existing community health care in Yirimadjo. The system allows for a closer and more in-time monitoring of both the community and the work of the CHWs, helps to respond more swiftly to emergency situations, and saves lives.

Improving health monitoring by using mobile Local mothers acting as a Community Health Worker CHW play a vital role in overcoming the lack of knowledge on how to prevent malaria, malnutrition and diarrhea, promoting prenatal and postnatal care and vaccination, and making sure patients receive the right treatment in time. CHWs are trained by professional health staff to recognise health risks, such as early symptoms of malaria or dehydration of young anime girls naked.

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By regularly making house-calls to check upon the health of particularly young children and pregnant women, it is possible to provide prevention and rapid health care. However, in the data collection process and communication between CHWs and health specialists much is still to be gained. The MAMMA app consists of a questionnaire listing various indicators which have to be checked and filled out during each health visit.

The data thus collected is being sent by SMS to a database with a web interface allowing health specialists to monitor the health situation and to respond when needed. We assumed that adult sex games completely compitable with nokia asha 210 s40 series able to use mobile phones and the MAMMA application would bring along the following advantages: By conducting prevention, diagnosis and treatment in a more compitale and cost- effective way, more people can be faster served.

More lives can be saved. Diva mizuki, software and hardware Our action research has taken place in the rural town of Yirimadjo, a suburb of the Malian capital Bamako, from March to Novemberand has involved children under 5 and pregnant women. The pilot was conducted in several phases, the first of which was a multi-stakeholder consultation of all those involved in health related community interventions, including the staff of the Community Health Centre, members adult sex games completely compitable with nokia asha 210 s40 series the city council, district health officials and CHWs.

This ruled out most of the existing software. In the next stage, we made a choice for affordable axha and open source software, and we chose to re-engineer the forms feature of FrontlineSMS Medic, in order to be able to insert forms in Bambara. This bayonetta porn package is running on a Ubuntu server This was adylt by regular group and individual come-back sessions.

Keywords for alerts in specific compitale, such as a request for an ambulance taxi porn no god hd a child in crisis, or for a woman in labor trigger cascading actions for actors involved in the management of emergencies.

Finally, we also inserted other value added fields in the forms, such as the detection of children without birth. From late on, with funding from IWG, the project was replicated in another suburb of Bamako, Sikoroni Results On a yearly basis, Muso Ladamunen used approximately We have registered children, of which were diagnosed xxxdchool boys uncomplicated malaria.

Each child now has a tracking sheet on the different interventions of the CHWs.

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Thanks to the SMS alerts, the average delay for emergency care decreased from 1h45 to 30min. The alerts also enabled arrangements to be made before the arrival comptable the ambulance with the urgent cases at the community health center.

The improvements on response time can be related to the application which allows a regular monitoring of the individual interventions of www.senior max game CHW and provides evidence for a feedback adult sex games completely compitable with nokia asha 210 s40 series the CHW by their supervisors.

Incorporated geographical data on the forms allowed a fairly accurate identification of the areas most affected by malaria, and of areas with low rates of antenatal care subscription. The analysis of the combined data also helped Muso Ladamunen and the involved health instances to intervene more effectively through targeted advocacy. The comparison also allowed to identify all women who were late or absent for the sessions, and for CHWs to take specific steps towards these comoletely.

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Conclusion The use of the mobile data adult sex games completely compitable with nokia asha 210 s40 series system has further enhanced the existing community health care system in Yirimadjo — and data from the second implementation in Sikoroni point in the same direction. The system allows for a closer and more in-time monitoring of both the community and the work of the CHWs, and helps to respond much more swiftly to emergency situations.

Community Health Workers have proved to be able to relatively quickly master the technology, and indicate that it saves them time, and makes them more effective — and they take pride in their new role. On the other hand, adaptation of the application to the local context e. Linking the health data to the existing national Health Information System would be a logical next step to help sustain the system.

Recurrent costs are fairly low, and further upscaling may allow economies of scale on the investments in training and hardware. The International Institute for Communication and Development IICD is a Dutch-based non-profit foundation, with over 15 years of experience in using information and communication technology ICT as a tool for development. Together with local and international partners IICD creates practical and sustainable solutions to persistent problems in economic development, education and health in 12 countries across Africa and Latin America.

From on, Muso Ladamunen has initiated a large community development program in Yirimadjo, and it conducts parallel activities in citizenship building, education, economic development and health. Miakis suikoden porno image health activities in the area are based on a model of universal access to healthcare, and on home based care via the CHWs of type Adult sex games completely compitable with nokia asha 210 s40 series.

Through an in-depth analysis of four cases interviews and field visitsthis article seeks to understand the common benefits and challenges for adult sex games completely compitable with nokia asha 210 s40 series and sustainable use of mobile applications in the provision of water services. The results reveal that the benefits are improved service delivery, new and better data, strengthened consumer voice, and reduced costs.

Common challenges include lack of incentives to use the system, user costs, user privacy, absence of basic infrastructure, lack of responsiveness, and limited marketing. It concludes that increased transparency is never an end in itself and that mega breast expansion requires willingness, capacity, and the mandate to act adult sex games completely compitable with nokia asha 210 s40 series part of the responsible institution.

Introduction The rapid spread of mobile communication technologies in developing countries has led to a lot of excitement and hype in development circles. Despite a relatively slow start, the use of new technologies has also made its way to the water sector, changing the way water is governed Schaub-Jones, et.

The water sector is facing a number of governance challenges where mobile services can make a difference, especially when it comes to increasing transparency, accountability and participation.

On the ground, the effects of poor governance can be seen in terms of inequitable access to water services, poor water quality, service unreliability and adult sex games completely compitable with nokia asha 210 s40 series functionality of water infrastructure among others. At the operational level, water managers are faced with incomplete data sets that make planning and decision making difficult United Nations Mobile applications can increase transparency through awareness raising campaigns on water issues among citizens, simplify billing and metering through mobile payment Hope et.

Mobile applications are also used to improve accountability and participation by facilitating data collection and monitoring the status of water sources e. Despite the growing view that mobile technologies can play a role in improving water supply services, unforeseen implementation and scaling up challenges have turned many projects into short lived and forgotten pilots.

In fact, many ICT4D initiatives do not survive beyond the pilot phase - or even outside the venue of hackathons for that matter. When seeking to understand why, he argues that there exists a design-actuality gap; a mismatch between design assumptions and local realities Heeks According to Unwin, some common e-governance project risk factors are; lack of institutional capacity including human resourcelack of commitment, failure to access funding, and unclear responsibilities ibid.

A white paper by iHub Research Moraa et. Lack of capacity and absence of sound sustainability models 2. Limited funding opportunities 3. Lack of organisational support 4. Difficulties to initiate partnership with key stakeholders operators, civil society organisations, government institutions etc. Lack of government buy-in 6. Although mobile applications and services are believed to increase transparency, accountability and participation in the water sector, the evidence base to support this is limited e.

The findings presented are based on face-to-face semi-structured lolis ass hentai with project staff and users during field visits in East Africa in December The interviews were followed up in late and early via mail for project updates and respondent validation.

The interviews were transcribed and a coding terminology was developed to analyse and sort the content under categorical themes. Benefits of using mobile applications in the provision of water services were analysed through three main concepts: The challenges on the other hand were categorised under social, financial, technical and organisational challenges respectively.

Because of this, many projects are still in an early stage of implementation and therefore difficult to evaluate or measure impact. End-users are few and hard to identify. This is also true for the cases selected for this shojo play game mod sub indo. Selection of cases By assessing on-going projects in East Africa, four cases were singled out based on the following criteria: The selected cases are located in Kenya and Uganda respectively countries which both have emerged as a testing ground for many ICT4D initiativesand try to improve transparency, accountability and participation in various ways: InWfP partnered with Akvo Foundation to further develop FLOW to a robust, open source data collection tool that allow users to create surveys that can include text, photos, video and Yaoi sex fairy tail coordinates.

Data on the location and functionality of water points as well as data on access levels of water and sanitation at household and public institution level is collected by using Android phones.

It can be used off network but when connected it automatically transmits the data to a central database and upload it on Google Earth. Different colours are photos sao sexy pornhub to show the status of the water points on the map. The map is primarily meant to respond to the needs of porn comics kim possible donors who in this way can see the results of their contributions.

District Local Governments can also use the data to plan for future investments, and assess service and sustainability levels. WfP uses its own enumerators for data collection but informs the district local government of their monitoring activities.

Before the mobile intervention monitoring was done using paper based questionnaires. The project has two main components; 1 baseline data collection and, 2 problem reporting. Data is collected on the location, current status repairs, and service history of water points.

The information created by the system is later used by the District Water Officer to update the district and central database. Before the M4W project, the District Water Office did overwatch sex roadhog manually, which was very time consuming. The second component allows water users to report problems with their water points by sending a SMS to a short code. After the notification, the HPM has 48hr to do an assessment of the problem using a form in the phone.

While the district handles major repairs, minor repairs are done by the HPM and paid by the community. When the water point is repaired, a final form is sent to the district and ministry and a verification form in paper format is filled out and signed off by the water user committee.

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Prior to the project, users had to write a letter explaining the problem to the Village LC1 Official, also a very time consuming and complicated procedure. MajiVoice MajiVoice is a platform for two-way communication between citizens and water service providers in Kenya.

Through MajiVoice, citizens can adult sex games completely compitable with nokia asha 210 s40 series water related complaints in a confidential way using either their mobile phone or an online platform in addition to traditional communication channels such as calls and visits. Once a complaint has been submitted, it is forwarded to the responsible water service adult sex games completely compitable with nokia asha 210 s40 series for follow up action.

At the same time, a unique reference number is sent automatically to the customer via SMS that can be used to check the status of their complaint by dialling a short code. The service provider also updates the customer on the status of the complaint using SMS. In addition to submit complaints, citizens can also download hot sex games the system to access and pay their e-bills using mobile money.

For the service providers, MajiVoice has an in-built monitoring mechanism that how complaints are being resolved, the time taken and performance of persons responsible for resolving complaints. Each complaint is assigned to a responsible Customer Care Agent, who is bound by a Customer Service Charter and can be viewed by other staff and managers to ensure responsiveness. The system also allows service providers to broadcast information to its customers by SMS such as service interruptions.

M-Maji M-Maji is a mobile application that enables residents in Kibera, a large slum in Nairobi to access information on water from vendors. The application, developed by Stanford University is implemented by Umande Trust, a Kenyan organisation and responds to a number of water related problems identified by the residents such as the long distance to buy water, lack of information of the nearest water point, high water prices, water shortages and poor water quality.

Sportacus und stephanie xxx application allows registered adult sex games completely compitable with nokia asha 210 s40 series vendors to market themselves by submitting their availability of water and daily rates via SMS in the beginning via USSD but it proved to be too costly. In addition, the buyer can also choose to receive a free SMS with information on the vendor, directions and contact number.

During the first six months in operation, requests had been received. On a daily basis, roughly 30 water vendors out of advertise and there are quarries from users more if there is a severe water shortage. To minimize misuse, the system also allows buyers to rank the vendors in terms of water quality and service levels.

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Findings Data from the four projects reveal some common benefits and challenges of using mobile applications to improve water governance. Benefits are realm naked under the main concepts: Transparency New and better data: Mobile tools enable the generation of quick, accurate and standardised ccompitable in a user friendly way. As in the case of FLOW and M4W, the ability to update data in real time and to geotag water infrastructure offers new possibilities for xompletely monitoring and to capture trends over time.

The data transmitted through the M-Maji system, although not aggregated at a higher level, still benefits the individual water consumer. However, the participatory design requires that data from water vendors are up to date and correct. Accountability Improved service delivery: In the case of M4W, wex project has meant better time management, increased efficiency of service adult sex games completely compitable with nokia asha 210 s40 series and reduced transport cost.

The mobile intervention has also greatly reduced the time taken from reporting a faulty water source to have it repaired. Assha process that before could take months, now takes days or even hours. Timely resolution of complaints is also a key adult sex games completely compitable with nokia asha 210 s40 series of Maji Voice, another feature is that it provide opportunities to facilitate billing and payment of water services.

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Increased efficiency, effective complaint systems, and transparent billing systems all improve service delivery. The efficiencies adult sex games completely compitable with nokia asha 210 s40 series through the use of mobile applications for efficient billing systems and effective data entry cuts costs and saves scarce sector funds for more productive use.

Increased accountability reduces the risks of wasteful utilisation of resources. FLOW for example allows WfP to collect the information needed to see a more complete picture of the water conditions.

In the case of M4W, the transparent way baseline data is collected has increased accountability between the different layers of government.

Participation Strengthened consumer voice: Projects like Maji Voice are leveling the playing field between water consumers and providers by enabling access to information on rights and responsibilities.

Also M-Maji, through their rating system, strengthens the role of the consumer. Other projects like M4W empower water consumers by engaging in activities that adult sex games completely compitable with nokia asha 210 s40 series were the responsibility of the government alone such as monitoring and perverse self control game online engagement with HPM.

Using survey tools, WfP speak with community members, find out if water service is reliable, whether someone can fix problems, and better understand ongoing issues. Challenges Many of the general challenges identified in the conceptual framework also apply to water governance projects.

However, what are the common challenges for increased and sustainable use of mobile applications in the provision of water services? Social Lack of incentives to use the system: Needless to say, ICT projects must have clear user incentives but often end users do not have access to the full picture and tend to be passive receivers of information.

In the case of FLOW, incentives for community members to respond to lengthy questionnaires aimed at baseline collection for monitoring purposes are not that obvious.

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Although the data they provide is used for planning activities that will ultimately benefit the users, the information only goes in one direction and there is no direct imagens 3d sex. In M4W on the other hand, the HPMs have clear incentives for participating in the project; assisting with baseline monitoring nokka lead to business opportunities and has also resulted in increased trust and recognition at village cmopitable sub- county level.

Being identified as part of sreies project and the newly formed seies of HPMs, the HPMs role is now more formalised and they have more authority to help the community. Last but adult sex games completely compitable with nokia asha 210 s40 series least, access to mobile phones also means access to internet and social media such as Facebook.

The project also has incentives for the water user since reporting problems to the HPM leads to faster response time. The incentive to use the M-Maji system is even more pronounced for both actors: However, given the relatively insensitive nature of water related data, this risk is probably lower than for example data on political affiliation, corruption or human right abuses.

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Financial High initial investments: Although communication costs have xxx apk games down, total cost of mobile phone ownership, i. In M4W the cost of an SMS to report a problem with a water point Ga,es shilling is a potential barrier to the use of the system. This has resulted in people making phone calls to report their problem, which is cheaper compketely means that completelyy data is not entered into the system.

Technical Data collection format: The type of data that can be entered into digital forms is limited and cannot always be adapted adult sex games completely compitable with nokia asha 210 s40 series the local context. Valuable knowledge that is marry christmas black free download porn to structure into a form is lost. Absence of basic infrastructure: Electricity, network coverage, technical know how and support are often absent.

Instead the HMP has to travel to special charging kiosks which costs UGX for charging the battery, another UGX for transport, and wait for three hours for the battery to be fully charged this to make sure that the battery is not stolen or replaced by a counterfeit battery.

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FLOW, using high-end Android phones to collect data, also had problems when being used far away from the national electricity grid. Their solution was simply to carry a number of extra batteries with. Organisational Lack of responsiveness: If accountable institutions lack capacity to respond to and act on the information generated through the project the information will be of no use. The simple system M-Maji showed poor capacity to act on complaints from the water buyers.

Data from FLOW was not utilized on adult sex games completely compitable with nokia asha 210 s40 series district level since they lacked a management information system. Yet, many famous people in porn the available services never reach out to the intended target group due to non-existing meta data, poor marketing and awareness raising.

This was mentioned by all four cases, that insufficient marketing of the application was challenging. Discussion and conclusions Since the use of step pron360 applications to improve water governance is a relatively new phenomenon it is yet early to assess its impact.

However, what seems to be clear is that mobile applications and services can increase transparency and accountability, as well as remove obstacles to citizen participation. To achieve these positive outcomes, a number of challenges need to be overcome. Many water governance projects assume that main problem in the water sector lies in the lack of information and transparency. Although important, other pressing resources are usually lacking too i.

Access adult sex games completely compitable with nokia asha 210 s40 series information and increased transparency is thus never an end in itself unless the information it yields is acted zootopia judy sex. This leads us to the notion of accountability. For example, citizen reporting systems where water users feed a platform with information on faulty water points are and will be perceived as a waste of time unless the complaint is acted upon in a timely and transparent manner.

Many technology projects assume participation by a critical mass of users.

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This study shows that although it is clear that mobile technology present new ways for water users to participate in the management and provision of water services, for this to happen users need to be made aware of these opportunities.

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